I am happy to provide you with a free estimate of what your research request will cost, and can advise on whether a fixed price package or bespoke research may be more suitable for your project.

Please contact me to obtain an estimate. I will ask you to provide me with full details of any previous research done by you or anyone else, and with copies of any documents such as birth, marriage or death certificates that you have. This is to avoid unnecessary duplication, which should save both time and money. By discussing the detail of what you would like me to research before we begin I will then be able to estimate for you both the cost of the work and how long I think it will take. I will also give you a date on which I am able to begin work.

Obviously I will do my best to provide accurate estimates, but sometimes an estimate needs to be revised, for example perhaps because of a delay in getting records. In such a case I will keep you informed and will not carry out further research without your written approval.