I can research your family history for you. It is usually possible to trace a family back to the early nineteenth century through civil records of birth, marriage and death and through census records. Before that parish records and local archives can be used. I will always start with desk based research using online records and then advise what further discoveries might be made by visiting archives in person.

While I work mainly with British records it is also possible to track families who emigrated to North America and the then British Empire. I also have experience with records of British colonists in Jamaica.



 Obtaining records


Do you want to obtain copies of birth, marriage or death certificates or parish register entries? Do you want to access documents held in archives? I can help you locate them and can obtain copies for you.



Transcribing documents



Have you found a family Will, or an old family letter that you cannot read. I can help you by transcribing documents and, where relevant, explaining their historical context.





 General genealogical consultancy


Do you have an old photograph you would like to know more about? Do you want some general advice about how to do your own research? I can advise you on sources to consult and how to organise what you find.

Have you got documents, certificates and partially completed research that you would like to have entered into a computer database? I can advise on how to go about it.